Students Internships

Campus Technology Internship Program (CTIP):

We are involved in project consultancy for a number of institutions of higher education. Our work within these institutions usually involves setting up CTIP- campus technology internship programmes. CTIP recruits and grows young ICT enthusiasts in the campuses to develop their ICT skills particularly in open source technology and promote a better adoption an IT/Internet lifestyle to support their growth. The CTIP also promotes peering and collaboration with CTIP counterparts in other institutions. The result of the CTIP is the development of skilled students who can contribute to the development and support of IT infrastructure within their individual institutions plus create a community of Interns around the country.

Python Nigeria:

Python Nigeria is part of our multi-pronged approach to open source software capacity development in Nigeria. Python is a powerful cross platform open source programming language popular in scientific computing rapid mobile application development for academia and business. Sponsored by NITDA, Python Nigeria participated in the Nigerian stop of the Python Africa Tour (PAT), which took place at the African University of Science and Technology Abuja. PAT consisted of a 5 day training workshop and barcamp facilitated by Datasphir, members of PAT, staff of University of Abuja, and Python developers from Google. We currently manage and facilitate all activities pertaining to Python Nigeria.