Research & Education Networking


The Lagos Higher Education Connectivity Project (LHECP) or Eko-Konnect is the first of a number of local clusters in Nigeria being established to create a national research and education network for Nigeria (NgREN).

The Eko-Konnect project will connect Higher Education and Research Institutions in the Lagos area to form a metropolitan area network. It will leverage Lagos’ proximity to sea cables and the Internet exchange to provide high capacity connections to the Internet and global research and education community.

Eko-Konnect will use open source routers built on commodity hardware and optimized Linux drivers as building blocks for it’s network, as part of a capacity building and sustainability strategy to create a template for building REN’s in the region. The project will include three main activities in parallel:

  • Support for the establishment of well designed campus networks
  • Connection of these campuses as the Lagos REN
  • Connection to WACREN, the West and Central African Research and Education Network

Similar clusters of higher education and research institutes in other parts of the country like the Zaria Education Metro and the Ibadan Cluster are in different stages of planning and will interconnect to Eko-Konnect when active as the first nodes of ngREN.