Co-Sourcing & Consultancy

FOSS Centres:

In some of the institutions that we work, the CTIP is complimented by FOSS Centres; these are open source labs that we set up and allows us to operate as ‘embedded consultants’ for the institution. The FOSS Centres are primarily labs that are used to incubate projects that have been defined for eventual deployment campus wide and for knowledge transfer and capacity building in FOSS particularly for staff and Interns from the CTIP. We train and mentor in Linux, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, PHP, Python, MySQL, Moodle, Asterix, Drupal, embedded systems and other open source technologies that help institutions develop their campus networks and systems. The FOSS Centres also serve as the focal points for collaborating and and capacity with other laboratory institutions abroad such as the Telecommunications Systems Laboratory (TSLab) at the KTH school of ICT, Sweden who we currently collaborate with on the Eko-Konnect project.

Centre of Excellence for Multi-media and Cinematography:

A STEPB (World Bank) funded project for the development of a Centre of Excellence in Multi-media and Cinematography by the Universities of Lagos and Jos and the National Film Institute. The project leverages on a high speed network and open source technology to bridge education, research and practice in the areas of multi-media and cinematography. In addition, innovative multi-disciplinary post graduate curricula are to be developed, fusing course content from mass communication and computer science departments. The centre of excellence intends to use its practice and research outputs to develop student driven media and partner with the film industry to drive innovations in the sector.