Our Vision & Mission

Datasphir Solutions Limited is an ICT services and solutions provider that advocates the use of open source software and open paradigms for services and solutions delivery. We also provide training and consultancy for organisations (typically education and government sector) to help them deploy solutions and develop in-house capacity among their staff. We have strong links with the research and education networking communities to whom we provide support for value added networking services and connectivity.

We have vast expertise and experience in the use of virtual learning environments (VLE) deployment and we develop digital payment solutions and services for the Nigerian and West African region and are always evolving our services and solutions in line with emerging technologies and paradigms including block-chain technology and cryptocurrencies.

We aim to inspire students across institutions of higher learning by working closely with research and education to promote the growth and adoption STEM in innovative ways and internships to help students take advantage of the growth in areas including robotics, Internet of Things platforms and Artificial Intelligence to name a few.

Our Mission:

To leverage “open” technologies and paradigms as a way to generate new knowledge and build applications and services that align with the emergence and growth of new digital technologies while also providing professional services to clients who require our experience and expertise to consolidate their businesses and organisations.

Our Vision:

To be a driving force in innovation of technology and learning using open technologies, standards and paradigms to create our solutions and services.

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